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FaithBuilders, Inc. exists to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

We do this by serving kids and families in crisis here in our community.

“FaithBuilders is not about being great; it’s about hungry, hurting kids and struggling parents. These kids fight. They go through things that are so painful, and they overcome.

Mentoring and discipleship of moms and dads are some of the most important things we do. This is the primary answer to helping hurting kids.”

– Andrea Dixon, founder, FaithBuilders
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FaithBuilders, Inc. is a network of believers that works toward family preservation and spreads the love of Jesus Christ within our communities through our four pillars: support networks, mentorship, resources, and services. It is providing care and support to an ever growing number of children and their families.
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Faith Builders20 hours ago
Our friends at Aby Orthodontics did a cereal drive for us. This is so simple but helps so many families during the season. Can we count on your coworkers to help? Spaghetti sauce? Cracker packs? Peanut butter? Hamburger helper? Pop tarts? Please share to help meet the need in our community!
Faith Builders
Faith Builders6 days ago
Faith Builders
Faith Builders2 weeks ago
Yesterday we got a message from a family FaithBuilders has grown to love so much about a cute lil 5-year-old with no cupcakes at school on her birthday. She wanted Spider-Man but there was not time to special order them. Thanks to the amazing bakery worker at WalMart who dug through all her decorations to find 24 Spider-Man rings, our sweet birthday girl celebrated with her friends in superhero style! Thank you to that amazing WalMart employee who went the extra mile for a stranger!