Thank You.

We can never say it enough—thank you. It’s thanks to our donors and volunteers that we are able to serve children and families in crisis in Wichita. You have helped children and families across the city. We would encourage you to read about how your contribution has made direct impacts on the lives of families in our community.

On a balmy November day this fall, Spangles & Brad Pistotnik Law PA teamed up and blessed FaithBuilders! At all Spangles locations in the Wichita metro area & at the Pistotnik Law office on east 21st Street, Wichitans showered us with diapers, wipes, gift cards and even cash to help kids & families in our area during the Christmas season. This incredible day of blessing ended with a large financial donation directly from Brad Pistotnik Law. #blessed
Imagine That Toys Give Back Week! The amazing toy store at 29th & Rock that supports FaithBuilders year-round also donated a portion of their sales back to 27 deserving charities during Give Back Week in October. Thank you Imagine That Toys for everything you do for us & for our community! #imaginethattoys #charity #community #giveback #saturday #toys #ict
FaithBuilders would like to give a giant shout out to Bingo and his staff at the 21st and Tyler Hog Wild location for providing Thanksgiving Dinner to 35 FaithBuilder families! It was an honor to work with such an amazing group of employees who went above and beyond to bless those we serve!
AndBiggestHearts! ❤️
It takes a village & FaithBuilders loves our business
village partners! Thank you Stiles Allstate Agency for
collecting snacks for the kids & families we serve! ??
#handsandfeetofjesus #blessed 
A big thank you to @devjamwins and for
their donation! This will make such a difference in so
many lives! #charity #local #thankyou#blessed #kake #giveback
Thank You Radiant Church Wichita! FaithBuilders was
immensely blessed by your group! You worked hard –
cleaning, washing windows, moving furniture, building
shelves & rearranging most of the warehouse. You did all
that with cheerful, generous hearts and with your
beautiful families right alongside! We can’t say “Thank
you” enough. #blessed #radiantchurch
? Wow! Mallory Barker did an amazing fundraiser for Faith Builders ! She is a stylist at Ultimate Images in Wellington and did hair styles for donations as well as asking for new clothes and food to donate. We are so proud of the good work she did! She raised over $400! Thank you! It’s amazing to see what one person can accomplish when they believe!
Thank you Church of the Blessed Sacrament for Undie Sunday! Your donations will bless lots of children! #blessed #undiesunday #thankyou #blessedsacrament

Our friends at Aby Orthodontics did a cereal drive for us. This is so simple but helps so many families during the season. Can we count on your coworkers to help? Spaghetti sauce? Cracker packs? Peanut butter? Hamburger helper? Pop tarts? Please share to help meet the need in our community!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! Because of the generosity of Hog Wild Pit Bar-B-Q, Dr Jerry DeGrado, Shelter Insurance & an awesome bunch of delivery volunteers we were able to bless 27 families with Thanksgiving dinners! And our generous donors had our van repaired & ready just in the nick of time!

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit my daughter and son-in-law in Waco, Texas, In addition to watching the KU Jayhawks beat the Baylor Bears, I had the privilege of visiting Magnolia and hearing their hearts for the least of these in their community. We are honored to know they share our passion and are grateful for their support. Thank you Magnolia for what you do in your community and helping us continue our mission here in Wichita, Kansas.