Stories From FaithBuilders, Inc.

The people who get involved with FaithBuilders are compelled by their faith to help families and children in crisis. Our stories tell the world how this ministry has changed our lives and the lives of the families and children we serve.

“FaithBuilders is a ministry my whole family has had the opportunity to be involved with. We’re committed to walking with families in crisis here in our city. What does that look like? It looks like purchasing diapers…getting licensed for foster care…providing weekend respite…mentoring and discipleship of moms and dads…backing out of your driveway to get groceries at 10 at night.”

“I have six kids with me because this ministry has become dear to my heart. I read a book—Radical—last summer that really impacted me. I found myself asking if I’m really following and believing the Jesus of the Bible or the Jesus of our culture. I believed I was following who we’ve made Jesus to be rather than who he was and is. I’m being led to live a life of sacrifice and put myself in positions where the suffering becomes personal. When you allow that to happen your heart changes and your eyes are opened and you begin to see things a lot differently. I have formed relationships with the mothers of two of the boys with me. In relationship she’s grown to trust me to help care for her kids while she gets back on her feet. I’m building life relationship with her so she can see Jesus in our family and be drawn to him. We’re put in this position with these kids because of FaithBuilders.”

“FaithBuilders is about being “mama” to mamas who didn’t have mamas.
My oldest child is biracial and my two middle girls are white and my three youngest boys are black. So from the outside looking in it looks like a picture of celebrity. Celebrities have made rescuing kids glamorous. But when you really get in the trenches of it, it’s hard. It’s not glamorous. You do it because you love Jesus.”